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The Well

Born in Ecuador, arranged in Burkina Faso, recorded in Turkey by Thomas Vittek, mixed in France by Nicolas Nieto, soundtracking Senegalese novel Les Pangolins de Dakar and filmed with Algerian director Amira Géhanne Khalfallah and Dilek Tuncel, "The Well" is truly a backpacking project !

When the tide gets low and you have no home

When the moon is no longer yours

As you cower in your shell

Thinking there’s no safer place

Take a bow and give yourself a rest


When the stroll is done and there’s no way out

When your hood is soaked up with rain

As you stagger through the field

She will wrap you with her leaves

Like an oak unraveling its shade.


As you lay down in her shed, she’ll be like a holding hand

And this milk she longs to share has a taste of soil and earth

As you sink into her breath, she juste takes back what she gave 

And from this place… will rise a well


When the wounds get sore and the crows are loud

When your scream is not to be heard

If you’re standing right and proud

Though the whole battle is lost

May your crown keep floating through the waves


Music Video



Cover Design (Ali Karaman)                                                                                 Making-of

                                                                                                                 (H. Porché, Y. Kuyucu, G. Debavelard)

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